Thank you for showing an interest in my site

I have been interested in taking photos since school days in the late 60's, moving from "proper" photography to digital some ten years ago. Working mainly as an amateur, I have won a number of competitions at a local Photo Society, but have also worked as a semi-pro. I was one of the official photographers for the Liverpool Pride in 2010, and covered the Lifestyles magazine awards at the Liverpool Hilton, again in 2010, photographing Ruby Wax, Amanda Harrington, Natasha Hamilton amongst others!! Publicity shots for new bands, and model portfolios were covered in this period of my photographic journey. For my sins, I have also taught a course on digital photography at a University close to me. That was scary! So....I suppose my main interests are in people pictures, from portraits to figure work, and in creating abstract art works. Have I a hero, an influence on my work? Yes. There are many, but let me say 1930's American photographer Edward Weston, famous for his nudes and peppers. No! not in the same picture!

Friends say I need to show my photos, hence this first attempt at a website. But I want to move on, create more magical images, greater vision, move away from the ordinary. Love the work of fashion photographer Tim Walker. Based in Liverpool, if anyone wants to join me, please get in touch, together we can create some wonderful art, document a changing world, decorate the bare walls of society.

I am also represented on the photographer/model websites Purestorm and Purpleport, where there are references from models I have worked with. Not that I use these sites often, but it is useful to have the contacts and a forum to seek advice!
Use the search facility to find my username of ByrdArtist.